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Step by step guide to create Snapchat product feed

Snapchat has been on the rise since its launch, and in today’s date, it has 200+ million followers, with people ageing 12-34. Since its inception to large growth, the app has been on everyone’s mobile. Realising this, the application has ventured into the online shopping business helping brands and retailers to sell products on their …

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What is Product feed specification?

Organising your product feed is now more straightforward with the involvement of product feed specifications. This enables the shopping channel to show the right search results by carrying out the right requirements. This, in turn, aids in providing better service to the customers. Some shopping channels that use product feed specifications are Comparison shopping engines …

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What is Product Feed Management?

Product feed optimisation is carried out to enhance the results of the shopping campaign. This is referred to as product feed management. Product feed management mainly deals with the management of the following Feed quality Source quality Other aims include the enhancement of ROI and complying with the data feed requirements. Quality of the product …

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What Are Custom Labels?

Custom Labels are an attribute that enhances your product feed. Shopping campaigns can utilise this property as it enables you to recognise, classify, filter, and organise products to improve your product listing. For instance, for some products, you might want to apply a distinct bid strategy and bid less for those commodities in clearance, so …

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What is Product Feed Optimisation?

When you are showcasing any shopping campaign to promote your products to the global audience, you need to optimise the product feed. When the product feed is optimised, it helps Google to showcase the ads at the right place and to the potential audience. If the product is appropriate to the search term of the …

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What are Product Variants?

When you are shopping for a product online, you will notice the same product in different colours and sizes, materials, and in different price ranges. The options that you have for the product are called the variants. Define product variants Product variants are products that will have unique identifiers such as colour, price, and size, …

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Google Shopping Feed Types

Many eCommerce stores are using Google shopping to promote their products. It helps to boost the traffic to websites and boost brand sales in no time. Google shopping has become a buzzword in today’s world. Around 52% of sales/traffic that eCommerce stores are receiving is through Google shopping. When products are showcased on Google shopping, …

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