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Google Shopping Giveaway: Free Product Listings

It seems like online retailers are in for a treat as Google Shopping on April 21, 2020, announced free product listing (the US alone) on Google Shopping results to help retailers for the long term. After not so short gap of 8 years, Google has made the product listings free in competition with Amazon. Why …

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Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is the place where the product data of various companies is uploaded. When you upload the product information on this center, it appears on Google shopping and Google eCommerce properties. The products that appear on the left side of search results as ads are uploaded from Google Merchant Center. You can also …

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What is Google Product Category?

Amongst the many categories in the Google taxonomy list, it is vital to choose the most suitable type for your product. This attribute is called the Google Product Category. This attribute aims to direct potential customers to a particular product. So, it is important to select the right category for your product. When is the Google …

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Google Shopping Vs. Google Search Ads

It may be confusing for retailers to choose the best type of ad to promote products and services. The confusion is between Google shopping and Google search ads. Both ads have equal priority. The companies can run both these ads to get traffic and sales for the business. Improve the visibility of your brand using …

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How do you create Product Listing Ads?

There are specific requirements predefined by Google to generate Product listing ads. So, the initial step is that you ensure that your products and businesses meet these criteria. Once you have got it right and you have a data feed and Google Merchant centre, the next thing to decide is the setting up of your …

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Experts Tips on Google Shopping Feed Optimization

The tips that are listed in this article are for the people who have in-depth knowledge on optimizing data feeds and want to take their Google shopping campaign to a new level to boost traffic and sales. Use GTIN in Google shopping Global Trade Item Number is a critical part of optimizing your campaign. The …

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What are Product Listing Ads?

Many online businesses are using Product Listing Ads to promote their products and reach global audiences. The Product Listing Ads will require detailed information about the product. The information on this ad is substantial compared to the information on the standard text ads. The data that is displayed on the ad is fetched from the …

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Google Shopping Feed Types

Many eCommerce stores are using Google shopping to promote their products. It helps to boost the traffic to websites and boost brand sales in no time. Google shopping has become a buzzword in today’s world. Around 52% of sales/traffic that eCommerce stores are receiving is through Google shopping. When products are showcased on Google shopping, …

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