Google Shopping Feed Types

Many eCommerce stores are using Google shopping to promote their products. It helps to boost the traffic to websites and boost brand sales in no time. Google shopping has become a buzzword in today’s world. Around 52% of sales/traffic that eCommerce stores are receiving is through Google shopping. When products are showcased on Google shopping, customers from across the globe have access to them and can make purchases. The popularity of Google shopping is growing and will continue to increase rapidly in the coming years.

Sellers can only showcase their products on Google Shopping after uploading product data feeds that correspond to the required details in Google Merchant Centre. Many questions arise when you are submitting the feed. These include:

  • What type of feed must I submit?
  • What are the technical specifications?
  • What are the specifications to be met for every feed?
  • How often must I update my feeds

Google Merchant Centre feed

A feed will need to have all the information that is required on Google Merchant Centre to submit a product. There are two different formats in which you can upload the feed. These include – XML format or .txt format. Google MC feed must have certain mandatory fields, which include ID, title, and description for the product, link for the image, price of the product, availability, condition, brand, GTIN and identifier.

If you belong to a clothing brand and want to upload the product data feed, you must provide the information such as age group, gender, colour, material, size and pattern without fail. When you are creating a feed for the product, you must check both the mandatory as well as optional fields thoroughly. It will ensure that the feed you are going to upload is adhering to the requirements set by Google.

The Global Trade Item Number assigned for the product is included in the feed without fail.

How frequently must you send the feed updates to Google Merchant centre?

You can send the updates once daily or once a month. If the product feed has to be changed often, you are given an option to change it up to 4 times a day.

Google Online Inventory Product update feed

The product price will keep on changing. You must update the feed to showcase the current price of the product on ads. You must regularly send the price and inventory information to Google Merchant centre.

The online Inventory Product update feed helps the merchants to update the price, product availability and selling price of the product through the Google Merchant Feed.

There is a tool called online inventory update feed that is helping to send updates about the change in price and product availability. The best part of using this tool is that you can send the update to the regular feed rather than making changes to the main one.

The feed will have five different types of fields. These include, price, availability of the product, the sales price of the product with useful data, The product ID field must match the ID value that you get with the help of regular Google Merchant feed.

You can submit the change in the product information to the online inventory product update feed at any point of time in a day.

Google promotions feed

This is the feed that allows you to add the crisp text to promote the product in the product listings ads page on Google shopping.

Many merchants would use Google Promotions feed to increase the click-through rate of the ads that are listed on Google shopping. However, this service is available in a few countries such as India, UK, US, France, Australia and Germany. There are a few more countries where the Google promotions feed will be available soon.

For using the Google promotions feed, the merchants need to fill the Merchant Promotions Interest form. Once Google approves the form, you can choose the feed type in Google Merchant centre.

The promotion feed has a few mandatory fields that you must fill. There include – promotion_id, product_applicability, long_title, offer_type, effective_date and redemption_channel.

Google Local Inventory ad feed

This is the inventory feed that is exclusively helpful for the merchants who are selling their products in physical stores and want to increase the footfall to their stores.

The shoppers can easily check the route to reach the merchant shop, working hours and inventory that is available. Google local inventory ads are powerful ways to increase sales from the customers who visit the store personally.

The merchant can utilize this feed to the fullest to promote their brand locally. There are three different types of feeds where you can list the products that are available in the store.

  1. Business Information feed: This will have the information related to your business and the location where you are operating.
  2. Google local products feed: This will have the information about the products that you are selling in the brick and mortar store and online
  3. Google local product inventory feed: This will include the stock available in the store and price of the product

These feeds are matched with the item_id. You will have a question of how frequently you must submit the feed, for the local products feed, it is advisable to submit at least once in a week and for local product inventory feed, once a day.

Product ratings feed

When the rating is provided for the product, it helps you gain the trust of buyers, which in turn enables you to boost sales.

Many people who shop online would buy the product that has good reviews on Google shopping. You can show the ratings for the product on the product listings by doing the following:

  • Upload feed with rating to Google Merchant centre account
  • Submit the review about the product to third party review aggregator

If you are using the second option, then Google fetches the product rating information from third-party aggregators, and you do not need to submit this feed. If the retailer site picks the reviews, then you can create a Google product ratings feed. The feed should be updated once a month. If you don’t upload the updated feed, the shoppers will view inaccurate data, which is of no use.

If you fail to meet the requirements set by Google, you will lose the eligibility to take part in the Product rating program. You need to have at least 50 reviews for the product to be listed on Google shopping.

Dynamic remarketing feed

You can target the website visitors who landed on the site but bounced from the shopping cart. This helps with remarketing strategy. You can showcase the modified version of ads to the visitors who visited your site previously. You can use the dynamic remarketing after submitting a feed to Google merchant that is in XML or txt format.

Once the feed is approved, you can create an effective remarketing campaign through Google Adwords.

Google Manufacturer feed

The best part of this feed is that it allows the manufacturers and brand owners to have complete control on how the product appears on the Google shopping page.

The Google Manufacturer feed can be used by manufacturers to boost their visibility and presence on Google by offering accurate content to end-users or retailers. There are six mandatory fields to submit this feed, which include GTIN, title, description, the link of the image, brand name and ID. You can also fill the other attributes that help shoppers find your products with ease.

There should be a separate feed for every country where you are going to submit the products. You can have a maximum of 20 feeds in every country.

Google shopping is a lucrative platform for manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to reach a wider audience and compel them to take the desired action.

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