What are Product Variants?

When you are shopping for a product online, you will notice the same product in different colours and sizes, materials, and in different price ranges. The options that you have for the product are called the variants.

Define product variants

Product variants are products that will have unique identifiers such as colour, price, and size, and so on. Every variant depends on the product definition.

How to manage sales and inventory of a specific product

A product variant is the one that allows the businesses to find out how many variants of the products are available with them. For instance, if you are selling t-shirts and the t-shirt is available in four different colours and five different sizes, then the variations of the t-shirt that are available with you are 20 for the same product.

You will have 20 products in the inventory, and it becomes easy for the company to manage the sales of the product that varies in colour, size, or material with ease.

How product variants help you?

  • Barcode
    When you add a bar code to every product by making use of the product variant, it helps you to boost the conversion rates.
  • Price
    The price of the product variant would depend mostly on the template price. If you are planning to put an extra price to the product with a slight variation (such as red colour sports shoe), then you can do it with ease. It is also known as a variant.
  • Inventory
    The product variant helps you to manage the inventory. For instance, if you are selling t-shirts in the eCommerce store, the inventory that is managed for the product variant will not show the number of t-shirts that are available to sell.

It gives the number of red t-shirts, blue t-shirts and black t-shirts that are available for you.

  • Set availability
    When you are able to see the number of products that are available in the stock on the data feed, you do not have to spend money on promoting the products that are out of stock.
  • Add product type
    When you have a product type for the products you are selling, it becomes easy for you to bid. You no more have to segregate the products based on the categories offered by Google. You can link the products to the categories that are linked to your site navigation.
  • Pictures
    The variation of the product is controlled even by the colour of the product. The product that has a change in colour will have a different image. It is not the case if just the size varies the product. For example, you can show the same product for small, medium, and large t-shirts.
  • Add promotions
    It is easy to add promotions to products with variations. It is the best way to grab the attention of customers to your products.

How are product variants helpful for eCommerce stores?

  • Improve clicks
    People who are searching for a particular item may find it tough to see your products when it has no variations. When you add the specification to the product, the customers can find the product with ease.
  • Boost the experience of users
    If you are not adding variations to the products, then you cannot expect the visitors to click on the products that you are offering. You must add variations to make the product customized. This gives a chance for visitors to search for the product that they are looking for. This, in turn, boosts their shopping experience.
  • Make Bill of Materials easy
    Product variants will make it simple for the website visitors to define the bill of materials in the product template. This template will have each variation in the product compared to other similar ones.
  • Improve the pricing system
    The product price is measured based on the product template. Based on the dimensions of variations, the product price would vary. It avoids the pricing system from turning complicated. It makes it easier for the operators to keep up the prices as there is no requirement to keep the same price for different product variations.

Product variations will reduce the efforts of eCommerce website owners in managing their sites. This boosts the user experience and conversions.

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