Privacy policy

Last updated on 06/01/2020

We at Smartfeed make all possibilities to protect the user data. To let people know how we use the data which we receive when you enter our website is explained below

  • When you use our social pages to interact with the content
  • When you fill the contact form to reach us regarding any issues or information needed on the content written on our website.
  • Through other marketing activities

(Need to provide full company details with address and contact information)

By using our website and other pages handled by us like social media you agree to the policies set by us.

Regarding data protection, the data controller is Smartfeed. In this Privacy Policy, the terms “personal data (or information)”, “processing”, “data controller” and “data processor” shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679).

Notice to the readers

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

As time changes we are required to change the privacy policy time to time, based on the new rules. A user is requested to check the page for any changes or update made in the policies this will help the user stay updated on the personal information accessed by us.

Contact us

If a user finds any problem or has any question on our privacy policy they can reach us at, we would reply as soon as possible to resolve the query.

Information we collect from the user

We collect information based on the actions performed by the user on the website. The data may include:

  • The user personal information like email address, name, mobile number etc. which he submits when he fills the contact form to get in touch with us regarding any issue or job
  • If registration made on our website, login details of the user
  • From surveys conducted by Smartfeed for R&D purpose, if the user wishes to participate in it

Note: There is no compulsion in providing the above data, the above data is used to make the user interaction better when he/she visits the websites.

Information from other portals

If you visit our website, we may also collect the information present on other platforms across the internet, from social media, which is available publicly or from our service providers (if any).

Information related to website navigation

We collect information related to pages you visit on the website. The data includes IP address, the location of the user, the browser and the information we get from cookies.

Why we use the information

The data we collect, we use it for our legal purpose like:

  • replying to the user queries
  • inform the user about the products and services offered
  • to keep our website safe
  • to check the content is easily viewable in your location

Keeping it Anonymous

The data we received is kept anonymous and consolidated. We share anonymous data of the user with our partners like behavioral data of the user on our website.