Manage Product Data With Smartfeed

Still juggling between how to manage your product data and not waste your precious time? With Smartfeed, our clients manage their product data swiftly without any technical assistance. Get profitable suggestion on feed generation with optimised product data to reach more customers. Book a free trial to know more

Product management

Take control of your product data to capture more clicks from high purchase intent search terms which can positively impact the visibility and click-through potential of your shopping Ads. Improving the quality of your data feed is key to lowering costs and increasing your ranking.

What took you days, now takes minutes

No one knows your products better than yourself. Moonbow lets you to quickly and efficiently edit product information, set up promotions and organize accounts with custom labels to increase your exposure on top products.

Save time

Stop wasting time with back & forth communication between IT Teams & 3rd Parties. This not only makes you less responsive to your campaigns but also creates room for error as more parties are involved. You can schedule and customize alerts in our system to make changes to your campaign proactively and stay ahead of your competition. Link all the feeds you manage and access them with a single login.

smartfeed features

  • Easy Product Optimization
  • Smart Titles
  • Instant Price and Stock Updates
  • A/B Testing
  • Market Trends
  • Competitor Bidding
  • Creating Custom labels
  • Creating Promotional Feeds
  • Category Mapping
  • Bulk Data Editor
  • Generates Data Feed Automatically
  • Improving Rank