Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 06/01/2020

By subscribing to Smartfeed services, we assume that you have read the terms and conditions, also other agreements attached with the software would have understood and agreed to it. We would also like to clarify that Smartfeed may update its terms and conditions which is best for the user from time to time. When it comes to transactions, made by you or on your behalf, your consent to the terms of the agreement entered by you or on your behalf by the agent to use the account registered with Smartfeed would be counted as your transactions.

1. Terms Of Agreement

As said earlier, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and any modifications made to it for the benefit of the customer from time to time. If any services are purchased by the customer, terms of this agreement shall start from that date till the service is active. If the customer terminates the subscription, Smartfeed will not refund any amount paid by the customer.

2. Accurate Information

You are required to maintain accurate information about yourself as needed by Smartfeed. If you wish to make changes to the information provided by you at the time of registration, you will have to notify us in 5 working days. If you fail to respond to Smartfeed's enquiry in 5 working days for whatsoever reason, then the company may order a material breach of the agreement. You agree that Smartfeed can use the data provided by you for any purpose related to our services provided, as mentioned in our privacy policy. If Smartfeed finds any data to be incorrect or false, the company has the right to terminate the services without any notice.

3. Account Security

You are responsible for the personal information of your customer such as credit card details, id, password etc. You agree that you would be responsible for the activities made under your account and any unauthorised access to the services should be notified to Smartfeed immediately. You also agree that Smartfeed is not responsible for any losses incurred by you for someone else using your account. It is necessary that you keep your account information at a secured place and protect it from others gaining access to it. If any changes are made by you or on your behalf, you would be responsible.

4. No improper use or Unlawful Conduct

You agree that you should not use the services provided by Smartfeed for any unlawful activity. You also agree to government laws. You also agree that Smartfeed will not refund the amount paid by the customer if the customer is found guilty for using the account for improper activity. You agree that Smartfeed can disclose your information to any governing body when enquired and also if we need to remove or edit any post of yours. Smartfeed shall review the services from time to time and cancel the service if we suspect any problem. The problem includes moral activities like threatening, harassing third parties, abusing. Any act which is unlawful according to the local governing body can lead to suspension of your account.

5. Fees and Payment

You agree to pay for the service at the time of order placed and also the payment once made is not refundable even if the service is cancelled or suspended before the due date. After the first payment, you agree that the card details given by you for making the payment will deduct the amount on a monthly basis or according to the subscription package terms. Smartfeed can change the price of it services whenever they wish to by email to its users or publishing on its website. If the payment is unsuccessful or by any means if Smartfeed is unable to charge the customer price for its services. Smartfeed can impose a penalty on the user. You also agree that Smartfeed can pursue all methods to collect the fees. The user can change the payment whenever they want.

6. Entire Agreement

The other policies mentioned in this agreement, also the points mentioned are complete and only in Agreement with the user and Smartfeed.

7. Severability

The terms of this agreement are severable and if there is any part which is invalid, will be changed according to the current law. Remaining stays the same without any changes.

8. No third party beneficiaries

The above agreement is not intended to compare and third party rights, liabilities etc. unless provided in this agreement

9. Waiver

If Smartfeed for some reason does not hold the customer liable to any of the above rules, even if you are working unlawfully, it doesn't give the customer the right to continue the work. Smartfeed can still enforce to suspend your account.

10. Service Consequences

Smartfeed strives to give the user a good experience via its services and website but due to technical difficulties and unavoidable circumstances may result in temporary service interruptions. You should not hold Smartfeed liable for those consequences.